Having spent many years travelling around the world, I have always been fascinated not only by the sights and sounds of new places, but more importantly by the people who you meet along the way.

I have spent countless hours travelling on local buses and trains and have often been the only foreigner around. Consequently I have met the most amazing people who have had a real impact on me and my travels. Each of my pictures tells a story, every smile has a tale to tell.

As the world becomes a smaller place, it is still important to remember that wherever you travel there are interesting people all around you. There are amazing places and things to explore and it is all up to you to make the most of what is around you and celebrate the differences.

I still have a pendant that I bought in Penang's China Town fifteen years ago that hangs by my computer. It wisely says:

'To really live is to live without fear of taking the next step'. This is a great motto to live by.

Enjoy looking through my photos and please get in touch if you want to discuss purchase or potential assignments .